Thank you to everyone that entered the 2022 giveaway for milkweed seeds and six fabulous prizes. The winners are listed above.

It’s Monday, and my plan is to package up the prize winner’s swag, along with their milkweed, today and put it in the mail. The milkweed winners will be mailed out starting tomorrow. Check your mailbox starting Friday. There shouldn’t be any issues with these packages staying in the heat if you live in an area currently experiencing record temps. BUT, these packages/envelopes are sensitive to moisture. I wouldn’t let them stay out in the rain for too long!

I will likely have more milkweed seeds to give away. So feel free to share this with your friends. The only thing they need to do is to sign-up for the blog on this site. As mentioned before, it does not matter if you confirm your subscription. LOVE IT IF YOU DO! Can’t find the confirmation? Check your spam folder first. In Gmail, I found it in my “social” tab.  Need it to be sent again, just drop me a note.

Cheers to a Monarch Butterfly filled future!

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