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I am a serial entrepreneur. My first official business opened in 2011. But its not the first time I had my own business. As a kid, I shoveled driveways, sold handmade crafts I made with my friends and I even had a subscription neighborhood newsletter. One of my favorite business ideas is what I did in high school: I bleached the seats of jeans and painted spots to create appaloosa pants. I loved wearing those around in San Antonio!

The two businesses I’ve led as an adult included my unique last name in the official business name. As I explained to my father, the consulting and legal work I do is about ME and the relationships I have with my clients. In the small “business of healthcare” space where I practice, my name is synonymous with my personal brand. So it made sense to use my incredibly unique last name, Searfoss, in my business name. For clarity, the Associates of Searfoss & Associates are currently me, myself and I!

Prior to lockdown, my consulting business grew and I hired employees. I shifted my business to a new “doing business as” (often abbreviated as DBA) or called a “fictious name” in legal circles to reflect the fact that my consulting work was no longer strictly done by myself. That is how SCG Health tradename came about. Post-COVID, that business closed not surviving many industry changes.

As I have ventured into flower farming, I realized that this work has little to nothing to do with my personal brand. So I needed a new business name for this adventure.

I had several names that I was toying with as options. I may still pursue one of the names because it is super cool, but doesn’t quite have the personal connection that Thyme in a Bottle has with me, my family and the work I plan to do.

What is are the personal connections? Let’s start with my first passion in life: horses. My horse is named Time. One of the young friends in my life call him “Clock” because “Time” doesn’t make sense as a name. His registered name is “Pressed for Time” which is the reason it is spelled like that. Yet, I get asked a lot of why it isn’t spelled “Thyme.” Well, his breeders spelled it this way, so that is how it happened.

Second, you may know that my first IG handle and my lockdown project was as the Boozy Botanist. Admittedly, I have a bit of a reputation for being an avid drinker. NOT (often) to excess, just someone that enjoys different forms of alcohol and mixed drinks. I’ve worked on sommelier status. I adore both wine and beer (unless it is Belgian fizzy beer). And generally, I enjoy the botany side of mixed drinks, brewing and distilling. The “bottle” part of the name is a nod to my original gardening lockdown project.

An early logo with a nod to the Boozy Botanist.

The last reason, and the most heartwarming connection to the name, is my parents. Their song, from their wedding and throughout their 41-year marriage, was “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce.

What will I be up to in this Phoenix project? I’ll be launching next week a limited floral arrangement subscription for the fall season. Coming in January, I plan to sell seeds from my garden and my breeding projects (I have to get an annual license first). And possibly this fall or early next year, I plan to do small group classes for folks with black thumbs.

What’s ready now? I’m launching my vintage floral supplies shop! Check out the first items available at this point. I’ll continue picking through local antique stores for more fun vintage items. The store will be restocked as I begin organizing the SHEshed.

Thyme in a Bottle is a tradename of Searfoss & Associates. Copyright 2024. All rights reserved.

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