This blog post is a newsy one. As mentioned previously, I have a bunch of activities that I am launching here in the fall with the big kickoff on 11 January 2023 of being an official seed seller. Here’s the exciting breakdown!

Available only on Apple Podcasts. I’ve been doing podcasts for years, but in my professional world, not my passion project. While listening to a ton of different podcasts while working in my garden, I thought that there is room for a sciencey, data-driven and entertaining podcast to pass the time. Why not learn while you’re pulling weeds!

The podcast will highlight recent news at the top of the program and either delve into a recent blog or have a panel discussion on interesting ethical topics that we don’t normally get to chat about. Episodes will come out every-other Friday. I may include a “weeding edition” in between which will be sections of old books (1800-1900 publications) on cottage flowers, arrangements and breeding.

At this time, I’m only posting it on Apple Podcasts. If this program interest in other platforms, I’ll evaluate it then!

The first edition will be released this Friday, 4 NOV on the snapdragon blog!

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, anyone selling, exchanging, gifting, etc. seeds and receiving more than $1000 annually must be licensed. Since it is on a calendar year, I am applying for my license in 2023 and will open my first seed sale on 11 JAN 2023!

My focus is to provide curated samplers to garden enthusiasts and flower farmers. Why? I am responding to my own overwhelmed reaction to learning what works best in a cut flower garden and the best trial-and-error plan to figure out what works in my microclimate.

If you are looking for large quantities of seeds, I can point you to the suppliers that have that seed in stock.

Want to stay in-the-know about what will be available? I’ve added an “email me when in-stock” feature to the shop. I’ll be posting the samplers over the next several weeks as I figure out my offerings.

For the spring season, I will be offering subscription arrangements for delivery in the Northern Virginia area only. Here’s what I know so far:

  • 4 weeks of early spring arrangements starting in mid-March once the narcissus (daffodils) start to bloom. Options will be daffodils only or best-of what’s blooming. Delivery is on Wednesday afternoons.
  • 4 weeks of spring arrangements will start in mid-May once I get back from the birth of my niece of nephew! I’m hoping that it will go from Mother’s Day until end-of-school.
  • Summer will be classes and cut-your-own
  • 6 weeks of fall arrangements will begin with the start of school (end of August or early September) and end in October

Want to keep up to date on these offerings? Be sure to sign up for the local flower enthusiasts email list. You should see a pop-up on this page to subscribe. Do so now and get a 10% off coupon (don’t lose the email for subscription opening)!

Thyme in a Bottle is a tradename of Searfoss & Associates. Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.

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