Thank you for volunteering to evaluate this data resource on cut flowers. As you can see, am slowly but surely entering in data as I have time. Not all of the data points are completed as I am continuing to search for research showing bloom size. The stem girth will likely be populated from my own work. Please provide your feedback in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Bouquet Category†Flowering Category†Latin NameCommon NameCultivarYield/plantStem Length (in)Trial Year
DiskMPCentaurea cyanusBachelor's ButtonsClassic Artist Mix Cornflower18.1 2017 [4]
SpikeMPPenstemon digitalisBeardtongueOnxy and Pearls7.524.02021
OHWCampanula mediumCanterbury BellsCampana Deep Blue Improved1.211.62019 [1]
MPCampanula mediumCanterbury BellsChampion II Deep Blue2.817.82020
MPCampanula mediumCanterbury BellsChampion II Lilac2.919.02020
MPCampanula mediumCanterbury BellsChampion II Rose3.019.02020
MPCampanula mediumCanterbury BellsChampion II White3.720.72021
SpikeMPCelosia plumosaCelosiaSunday™ Bright Pink 8.216.02019 [1]
SpikeMPCelosia plumosaCelosiaSunday™ Orange Improved 8.716.82019 [1]
SpikeMPCelosia plumosaCelosiaSunday™ Purple8.315.32019 [1]
DiskMPCallistephus chinesisChina AsterLarge Flower Light Blue5.715.02021
DiskMPCallistephus chinesisChina AsterMum Red3.216.72021
DiskMPCallistephus chinesisChina AsterMum Deep Purple6.615.72021
DiskMPCallistephus chinesisChina AsterAzumi XL Blue7.317.82021
DiskMPCallistephus chinesisChina AsterAzumi XL White6.917.82021
DiskMPCallistephus chinesisChina AsterAzumi XL Rose7.315.42021
DiskMPCallistephus chinesisChina AsterAzumi XL Red6.817.72021
SpikeMPAstilbe chinensisChinese AstilbePurple Candles9.015.02021
DiskMPSymphyotrichum patensClasping AsterNina Plus Purple3.113.62019 [1]
OHWCelosia argentina cristataCock's Comb (bombay type)Red Ace1.425.82020
OHWCelosia argentina cristataCock's Comb (bombay type)Reprise Velvet1.221.42021
OHWCelosia argentina cristataCock's Comb (bombay type)Act Diva1.017.72021
OHWCelosia argentina cristataCock's Comb (bombay type)Cristi Purple1.421.82020
MPCelosia argentina cristataCock's Comb (bombay type)Act Rima2.022.72020
DiskMPTanacetum partheniumCommon TansyOrinoco4.116.02021
AirMPAgrostemma githagoCorn CockleOcean Pearl3.0 [5]
FillerMPLepidium sativumCressGreen Dragon™3.814.32020
SpikeMPDelphinium grandiflorumDelphiniumJenny's Pearl™ Blue3.515.62020
SpikeMPDelphinium grandiflorumDelphiniumJenny's Pearl™ Pink2.414.52020
SpikeOHWDelphinium elatum Delphinium (dwarf)Delphine™ Dark Blue White Bee1.616.42019 [1]
SpikeOHWDelphinium elatum Delphinium (dwarf)Delphine™ Rose White Bee1.816.42019 [1]
FillerMPBaptista australis var. minorFalse IndigoPlum Rosy3.518.02021
FillerCCAmmi majusFalse Queen Anne's LaceQueen of Africa28.0 2014 [3]
FillerMPCelosia plumosaFeather CelosiaSunday™ Bright Pink Improved7.116.42021
FillerMPCelosia plumosaFeather CelosiaSunday™ Gold Improved6.216.82021
FillerMPCelosia plumosaFeather CelosiaSunday™ Green6.016.32021
FillerMPCelosia plumosaFeather CelosiaSunday™ Purple Improved5.316.32021
FillerMPCelosia plumosaFeather CelosiaSunday™ Yellow Improved5.718.52021
OHWBrassica oleraceaFlowering KaleCrane™ Ruffle Bicolor (F1)1.421.52020
FillerMPNicotiana langsdorffiFlowering TobaccoBronze Queen9.821.12021
SpikeMPDigitalis purpureaFoxgloveCamelot™ Mix3.417.52019 [1]
SpikeOHWMatthiola incana Gillyflower (Fragrant Stock)Milla Salmon1.017.82021
SpikeOHWMatthiola incana Gillyflower (Fragrant Stock)Sahin Anytime Mix1.313.92021
SpikeOHWMatthiola incana Gillyflower (Fragrant Stock)Canneto White1.020.22021
SpikeOHWMatthiola incana Gillyflower (Fragrant Stock)Katz Hi Double White1.024.42019 [1]
SpikeOHWMatthiola incana Gillyflower (Fragrant Stock)Milla Light Pink1.018.62021
SpikeCCLavandula angustifoliLavenderWhite Scent™ Early14.09.92019 [1]
SpikeCCLavandula angustifoliLavenderBlue Scent™ Early15.89.32019 [1]
FillerOHWEstoma grandifloriumLisianthusEcho Purple1.919.12020
FillerMPEustoma grandiflorumLisianthusArena Purple4.118.42019 [1]
FillerMPEustoma grandiflorumLisianthusArena White3.817.62019 [1]
FillerMPEstoma grandifloriumLisianthusJolly Type III Pink2.620.62020
FillerMPEstoma grandifloriumLisianthusEcho Pure White Improved2.119.32020
FillerMPEstoma grandifloriumLisianthus Megalo 3 Orchid2.317.82021
FillerMPEstoma grandifloriumLisianthus Little Summer 1 Orange2.014.12021
FillerOHWEstoma grandifloriumLisianthus Flare Yellow1.917.62021
FillerOHWEstoma grandifloriumLisianthus Flare Jade1.818.22021
FillerMPEstoma grandifloriumLisianthus Corelli3.114.42021
FillerOHWEstoma grandifloriumLisianthus Can Can Purple1.718.22021
FillerOHWEstoma grandifloriumLisianthus Arosa 3 Red1.718.52021
FillerMPEstoma grandifloriumLisianthus Arosa 3 Pure White2.118.92021
FillerMPEstoma grandifloriumLisianthus Celeb 2 Madonna3.018.72021
AirMPNigella damascenaLove-In-A-MistAfrican Bride5.119.02021
AirMPNigella damascenaLove-in-a-MistCramers' Plum7.6 1997 [6]
FillerMPNigella damascenaLove-In-A-MixMix4.017.52020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldNosento Lime Green4.616.62020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldMishka Deep Gold6.620.52021
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldNarai Orange7.218.82021
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldNarai Orange8.520.12019 [1]
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldWhite Swan6.415.92021
DiskCCTagetes erectaMarigoldOriental Yellow11.824.32019 [1]
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldRoyal Bali Gold8.517.82020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldSumati Orange7.216.82021
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldJanthra Yellow9.819.02020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldXochi Orange9.622.32020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldMayan Orange9.316.72020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldBindi Gold9.615.82020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldHermant Deep Gold6.118.82020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldGaruda Yellow Improved7.421.02021
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldGaruda Yellow9.619.92019 [1]
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldGaruda Deep Gold8.120.62021
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldDevi Deep Gold7.321.92021
DiskCCTagetes erectaMarigoldCoco Yellow11.322.82019 [1]
DiskCCTagetes erectaMarigoldCoco Gold11.629.12019 [1]
DiskCCTagetes erectaMarigoldCoco Deep Orange 12.923.92019 [1]
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldChedi Yellow9.020.62020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldBindi Orange 7.519.02019 [1]
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldBengal Orange9.821.42020
DiskMPTagetes erectaMarigoldBali Gold 3.614.62019 [1]
DiskMPSalpiglossis sinuataPainted TongueCafe au Lait2.511.72021
FillerCCPhlox paniculata hyb.PhloxFashionably Early Crystal16.021.02021
FillerMPPhlox paniculata Phlox PMRGlamour Girl5.216.82021
FillerMPPhlox paniculataPhlox PMRLuminary™ Opalescence4.018.02021
DiskCCScabiosa atropurpureaPincushion Flower (annual)QIS formula mix17.0 [7]
DiskCCCalendula officinalisPot MarigoldPrincess Golden14.9 2018 [4]
SpikeCCKniphofia uvariaRed Hot Poker or Torch LilyPyromania® Flashpoint13.821.02021
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonPurple Peloric5.123.62020
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonPotomac – Group 3/4 - White Improved4.227.42019 [1]
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonMonaco Orange 4.126.32019 [1]
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonPotomac – Group 3/4 - Pink Improved3.925.92021
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonPotomac – Group 3/4 - Pink Dark 4.826.82021
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonPotomac – Group 3/4 - Royal Improved4.530.32019 [1]
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonMaryland Rose4.822.72021
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonCosta – Group 26.02013 [1a]
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonCosta – Group 2 - Summer Lavender IV3.825.82021
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonChantilly – Group 17.5 2013 [1a]
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonChantilly – Group 1 - Deep Orange3.622.52020
SpikeMPAntirrhinum majusSnapdragonLegend Yellow Improved3.721.62021
DiskMPHelichrysum brachteatumStrawflowerGranvia® Gold5.512.02021
DiskMPHelichrysum brachteatumStrawflowerKing Size Frosted Sulphur5.121.32021
FocalOHWHelianthus annusSunflowerProCut™ Peach1.039.52021
FocalOHWHelianthus annusSunflowerSunrich Orange Summer DMR1.042.02021
FocalOHWHelianthus annusSunflowerSunrich Gold Summer1.244.22019 [1]
FocalOHWHelianthus annusSunflowerZiggy1.536.82021
FocalOHWHelianthus annusSunflowerProCut™ Horizon 1.045.82019 [1]
FocalOHWHelianthus annusSunflowerProCut™ Gold Lite DMR*1.641.12019 [1]
FocalOHWHelianthus annusSunflowerDouble Sunking1.836.02021
FocalOHWHelianthus annusSunflowerMarley1.536.72021
FillerMPDianthus barbatusSweet WilliamSweet™ Red ('experimental red')6.914.22021
FillerMPDianthus barbatusSweet WilliamSweet™ Rose Magic ('experimental rose')7.714.32021
FillerMPDianthus barbatusSweet WilliamSweet™ Rose Magic6.316.72021
FillerMPDianthus barbatusSweet WilliamAmazon™ Lavender Magic (F1)7.317.22021
FillerMPDianthus barbatusSweet WilliamSweet™ Purple Improved ('experimental purple')7.315.62021
FillerMPDianthus barbatusSweet WilliamSweet™ Pink Magic
('experimental pink magic')
FillerMPDianthus barbatusSweet WilliamSweet™ Neon Purple6.817.12021
FillerMPDianthus barbatusSweet WilliamSweet™ Cherry5.216.22021
FiillerMPTanacetum partheniumTansyWhite Crown4.418.12021
FillerCCBupleurum rotundifoliumThoroughwaxGreen/Gold10.0 [2]
FillerCCVerbena bonariensisVerbenaPurple Haze15.125.82021
FillerCCAchillea millefoliumYarrowFirefly Diamond13.316.52021
FillerMPAchillea millefoliumYarrowPeter Cottontail6.514.02021
FillerCCAchillea millefoliumYarrowSassy Summer Lemon17.316.32021
DiskMPZinnia elgansZinniaOrange (experimental)5.210.32021
DiskMPZinnia elgansZinniaPurple (experimental)5.110.12021
† Source: Floret, LLC. “Online Workshop Course Book.” See Plant Spacing Quick Reference Guide (pages 102-103). Flowering category abbreviations for stem yield: CC= Cut and Come Again (10+ stems); MP = Medium Producers (2-9 stems); OHW = One-Hit Wonders (1 stem)

*DMR stands for Downy Mildew Resistant, a desirable trait in plants that is actively bred for by many seed houses.
Powdery Mildew Resistance (not in registered name; just a feature of the cultivar).

[1] 2019 ASCFG Seed Trial Report. Access report (PDF) at

[1a] 2013 ASCFG Seed Trial Report. Variety trialed was ‘Chantilly Velvet.’ The 2012 ASCFG Seed Trial Report has the variety trialed as ‘Chantilly Purple’ with a yield of 4.8 stems per plant.

[2] Stems Flower Farm. Costa Mix description. “Potential Harvest Yield: 6-10 stems per plant.”

[3] Wein, H.C. “Cut Flower Cultural Practice Studies and Variety Trials 2014.” Cornell University. Grower note in report: “Apparently growers plant in fall to get more vegetative growth before harvest.”

[4] Planter, K. “2017 Fresh Cut Flower Production: Completion Report.” 2018 Field Days Bulletin.

[5] Stems Flower Farm. Agrostemma ‘Ocean Pearl’ description.

[6] NC State Extension. “Nigella Damascena ‘Cramers’ Plum.” 1997 trial information.

[7] Armitage, AM & Laushman, JM. The Production of Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, and Woody Plants for Fresh and Dried Cut Flowers. Timber Press; REV & Enlarged edition (June 17, 2015).

[8] Floret, LLC. Green Dragon Cress description. “Long, strong stems have a heavy branching habit, producing 6-12 airy stems from a single plant.”

[9] Sakata. “Aster Azumi XL” brochure. “Debudding Azumi XL series results in much larger flower size as 4 inches in diameter. Azumi XL series has large flower size as 2.5 inches in diameter, even grown naturally.”

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