Seed Sale – January 11, 2023


In the New Year, I will apply for a license to sell seed. The Commonwealth of Virginia requires such a license that runs on a calendar year. This also gives me time to set it up! Seed packets will range from $3 – $7. Flat rate shipping will be by volume in the order, starting at $5. More info as I figure it out.

Seed samplers will include named varieties that are separately packaged (kind like a tea sampler). This is not a mix. For example, the Appleblossom Snapdragon Sampler will include:

  • Group 2: Maryland Appleblossom (dragon face)
  • Group 3,4: Potomac Appleblossom (dragon face)
  • Group 3,4: Opus III/IV Appleblossom (dragon face)
  • Dwarf: Twinny Appleblossom (butterfly)


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