Yuletide Countdown Box



‘Tis the season to countdown the dark days until the solstice. Celebrate the longest day of night and the return of longer daylight with this customized daily gift box filled with seeds and garden items. Choose your variety and style of gifts to make a unique experience this holiday season. The Yuletide Countdown Box and other Yuletide Collection items begin on November 27 (the Beaver Moon) and ends on December 21 (Solstice).

Shipping begins November 17.

Read about the four seed Collections available:

Alice in Wonderland: From the mind of Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass, this collection includes decoration and seeds from the flowers Alice meets in the Meadow of Living Flowers.

Green Witch Garden: Seeds and essential oils featured in “The Green Witch” by Arin Murphy-Hiscock are in this festive collection with vintage floral depictions and décor. Seeds are for both annual and perennial plants.

Medicinal Garden: Using the resources of “Essiac: A Natives Herbal Cancer Remedy” by Cynthia Olsen and “The Healing Garden: by Juliet Blankespoor, this collection includes seeds of the essential plants for a medicinal garden. Many seeds are for perennial plants.

Zodiac Garden: A mere 100 years ago, gardeners assigned Zodiac signs and planetary association to plants. This collection features seeds for those plants assigned to the 12 zodiac signs and the planets and asteroids/mini planets in our solar system. Decor includes zodiac illustrations and constellations.

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