Yuletide Living Bouquet



This floral bouquet will grow and bloom within several weeks of delivery (typically 4 weeks from mail date). Two or three large blooms will delight whatever festive room this potted Amaryllis is positioned. Colors and variations are noted below.

Yultide Living Bouquets: Variations of red single bulbs in terracotta pots or three bulbs of Jen’s choice with our signature thyme and rosemary accents in ceramic pots. Bulb shipped in early stages of growth to minimize damage to the blooms. Varieties are a deep red double bloom named Double King, a gorgeous white bloom named Picasso tipped in an elegant red and Star Dust which is a red bloom with white tips.

Shipping begins November 21 and ends December 21.

* Pots for single bulbs are from the Wakefield Handmade Stoneware set.


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